State Officer Elections

President Candidates

Kalea Biddick - Mineral Point

Three Goals You Would Like to Accomplish: If successful in my campaign, I would like to see the officer team accomplish three goals that relate to each of FBLA’s three pillars. In terms of education, I would increase the percentage of members who complete at least the second level, or “Leader Award,” of the Business Achievement Award by 15%. I would achieve this goal by expanding the advertising for the award and creating an incentive that would make members further inclined to complete the program. By expanding the outreach of the BAA, more members would build the knowledge that is critical to the essence of FBLA. For the service pillar, I would plan and promote a charitable project to benefit one of FBLA’s partners. This would allow members to engage in service, create tangible good for an organization, and enrich the ethicality of FBLA’s brand. Regarding progress, I would promote inclusivity by working with the secretary-treasurer to make events more economically accessible for all members. Speaking from experience, the costs of going to conferences can sometimes create a barrier that makes it almost impossible for members to attend. Last year, multiple members of my chapter qualified for NLC, but unfortunately lacked the funding that would’ve allowed them to fly to and stay in Georgia. To create a level playing field for competitors, I would attempt to lessen the prominence of this obstacle.

How Can the High School Division Offer a Differentiated Experience: The high school division could offer a differentiated experience by conducting a research poll of member opinions to gain insight regarding what works and what doesn’t about the current state of FBLA. This would allow the executives of the organization to better understand the wants and needs of its member base and make more informed decisions and improvements to the organization.

How Can the High School Division Expand Membership Outreach: The FBLA state officer team could implement multiple strategies to encourage an increase in membership outreach, such as hosting online seminars to educate local officers about recruitment, promoting a member recruitment day/week, and providing a recruitment-focused workshop at leadership conferences. An expansion in membership outreach would happen in the high schools themselves, so the implementation of efforts would need to occur throughout all levels of the organization, especially at the local level.

How Can We Improve Capacity and Capabilities to Lead as a CTSO: As a Career and Technical Student Organization, FBLA encourages the real-world application of business concepts by creating an environment that fosters growth, learning, and leadership development. FBLA could expand its ability to lead in this area by providing more development opportunities to its members, encouraging collaboration between members of varying chapters, and offering connections to different businesses to potentially allocate internships, job shadows, and networking opportunities.

Jamie Damm - Columbus

Three Goals You Would Like to Accomplish: 1. Increase the number of chapter visits. 

2. Increase our social media interactions. 

3. Continue to increase awareness about FBLA in various industries and business partnerships. 

How Can the High School Division Offer a Differentiated Experience: The High School division of FBLA offers a more differentiated experience because of the number and variety of opportunities available to members. These opportunities align with the changing needs of specific industries, as well as the skills and talents needed in an evolving business world. To remain a valued and differentiated experience, FBLA needs to stay relevant with current trends, new technology, and traditional business concepts to develop and offer valuable opportunities for members. Building a package of offerings that embrace problem-solving, creativity, and core academic skills will help FBLA members explore and identify their personal interests and talents. 

Additionally, connecting with local communities through service work increases awareness of how various service organizations and businesses support each other. Understanding that business concepts apply to all types of organizations will benefit all members as they become contributing community members. 

How Can the High School Division Expand Membership Outreach: Membership outreach has two elements. The first is connecting with current and potential members. A great way to do this is through social media. Current high schoolers are very technology-oriented and they respond to images of their peers doing fun, exciting things. Whether it is a service project, icebreaker at a meeting, or a recreational outing, teenagers want to be involved in things that are fun, meaningful, and intriguing on social media. 

The other element to effective membership outreach is recognizing how parents, community businesses, and FBLA supporters are active in social media. Adults are using social media as an information source. They are seeking information, want to know how to learn more about an opportunity, and are happy to share the outcome of a competition. Telling this story requires different strategy and platforms. 

Finally, it is important to remember that many students consider participating in groups because they were suggested by their friends, parents, and employers. Maintaining positive communications and telling the story about FBLA opportunities is important to having a place on this list of suggestions. 

How Can We Improve Capacity and Capabilities to Lead as a CTSO: CTSO’s can be partner organizations instead of competing organizations. While one CTSO may focus on a specific industry, many of the skills learned and demonstrated have value in other industries. By understanding the work of another CTSO and encouraging membership in multiple CTSO’s, students can build confidence in a new context as they explore other interest areas. 

Vincent Nemath - Burlington

Three Goals You Would Like to Accomplish: My first goal would be to activate more local chapters, both middle and high school. 

Secondly, I would move to make FBLA the most accepting and diverse organization a school could have.

Thirdly, I would try to capture more public awareness and out reach.

How Can the High School Division Offer a Differentiated Experience: The high school division offers a vastly different experience for high school students. It allows students to explore the expansive world of business in a structured and educational environment. This experience is unlike any other and allows the average high schooler to try something new.  

How Can the High School Division Expand Membership Outreach: Typically, a larger amount of students attend high school compared to middle school. This increase in students can lead to a larger membership outreach.   

How Can We Improve Capacity and Capabilities to Lead as a CTSO: We can improve our capacity by bringing wider awareness to FBLA. We can improve our capabilities by scaling and analyzing statistics from our members. These in turn will allow us to continue to lead as a CTSO. 

Vice President Candidates

Owen Aykens - Menasha

Three Goals You Would Like to Accomplish: Firstly, I would like to boost our FBLA membership at the middle school and high school levels. By highlighting the skills and leadership opportunities FBLA provides, we can attract more members at both levels. Encouraging current members to share their experiences and hosting interactive workshops can ignite interest and inspire others to join. Additionally, setting up a college-level FBLA in Wisconsin is a visionary goal. Working with the state FBLA office and colleges to show how FBLA can enhance the college experience is crucial. This initiative can create a seamless transition for students to continue their FBLA journey beyond high school, fostering a strong FBLA community across different educational levels. 

Secondly, I would like to assist FBLA members across Wisconsin to enhance their community service efforts by providing a framework for successful projects that can be adapted by chapters. We can promote a mentorship program where experienced chapters guide newer ones on organizing events.

Lastly, l would like to expand networking and partnerships. To reach the goal of making more connections and partnerships, I'd start by reaching out to businesses and connect with FBLA alumni who might be interested in working with us. I would initiate conversations with them about how we can support each other and use social media to showcase our projects and the outcomes will be a key role.

How Can the High School Division Offer a Differentiated Experience: The high school division of FBLA can offer a differentiated experience by providing a range of chapter activities, workshops, and opportunities to align career paths with our competitive event options. This can include organizing more community events for chapters, hands-on workshops with the state officer team, and forming partnerships with local businesses to integrate competitive events like mentor programs, case study collaborations, judges panel, and even sponsorship opportunities.

How Can the High School Division Expand Membership Outreach: To expand membership outreach in the high school division of FBLA, we can utilize social media to create awareness of FBLA along with providing informational sessions during school events. Also, partnering with local businesses to sponsor FBLA events and promote the organization in the community. Lastly, collaborating with other school organizations for events to increase visibility and attract a diverse group of students to join FBLA.

How Can We Improve Capacity and Capabilities to Lead as a CTSO: We can improve capacity and capabilities to lead as a CTSO by offering leadership development programs. We can do this by providing training sessions for FBLA members to enhance their skills in areas such as communication, teamwork, problem solving, and project management. We can also facilitate opportunities for members to collaborate with other FBLA chapters, business professionals, and connect with the community to grow our network and strengthen our leadership skills.

Erin Leszczynski - Muskego

Three Goals You Would Like to Accomplish: The most important goal to me is that we can get all of our projects and assignments done before the due date so that everything goes smoothly for the chapters. The second goal I have is to build a strong bond with each other so that when we have a question or problem we don't feel any shame or ridicule for saying something. My last goal for the team is to send out as many helpful tips/tricks or even information as possible to help our state have more people advance to the National Leadership Conference. 

How Can the High School Division Offer a Differentiated Experience: The high school division should be different from the middle division and college division because they are at different stages of their education and therefore have different needs. The high school division should offer more workshops and resources about college prep and how to build connections with potential employers through networking. High school members can benefit greatly from more in-depth information about applying for college, writing a college admission essay, and potential experiences that might assist them in their postsecondary experiences. 

How Can the High School Division Expand Membership Outreach: The high school division can expand membership outreach by maximizing the social media posts highlighting all that FBLA has to offer. FBLA needs to be trending on social media - posting often, posting engaging content, making it interactive, and highlighting members and chapters from across WI.  

How Can We Improve Capacity and Capabilities to Lead as a CTSO: FBLA can lead as a Career and Technical Student Organization by expanding scholarship opportunities. In addition, we should continue to get all FBLA competitive events sponsored by businesses. This would make traveling to the National Leadership Conference more cost-effective for members. In addition, staying connected with FBLA alumni could be a huge benefit to our organization. 

Alton Ross - Waupaca

Three Goals You Would Like to Accomplish: 1. Growth of membership in the region. 

2. An increase of communication between the executive board, the local chapters, and members. 

3. Promote the middle school FBLA chapters for future high school participation. 

How Can the High School Division Offer a Differentiated Experience: At Waupaca we’ve never had a middle school division because we don’t have a business education teacher at our middle school, so I was never able to be a part of FBLA at that level though I think that the high school division can offer better life skills learned that will be used in life as is upcoming rather than in more years.

How Can the High School Division Expand Membership Outreach: I feel that the executive board doesn’t have enough communication between the executive board and the regions/ individual members. Such as sending out emails to members as a weekly newsletter like the national organization does. 

How Can We Improve Capacity and Capabilities to Lead as a CTSO: We can improve the capacity to lead as a CTSO by enhancing learning through leadership and applied learning and real world application so that then we would be able to improve our capabilities of leading our CTSO.

Pragnya Vella - Sun Prairie West

Three Goals You Would Like to Accomplish: Enhanced Communication about Opportunities: I aim to streamline and improve communication channels to ensure that every member is well-informed about the plethora of opportunities available within FBLA by further utilizing social media. 

Motivating Members to Engage in FBLA Programs: I will strive to create a culture of enthusiasm and engagement that encourages members to explore the full spectrum of offerings within FBLA. 

Advocacy: I want to ensure that everyone’s voices are heard in FBLA. By collecting ideas and feedback, FBLA officers can effectively make sure they meet the needs of their members. 

How Can the High School Division Offer a Differentiated Experience: To offer a differentiated experience to its members, the high school division of FBLA can implement a challenge inspired by the popular TV show, “Shark Tank”. This initiative aims to expose students to innovation and entrepreneurship, skills that will prove invaluable and create a unique experience within the organization. During this challenge, competitors would pitch their ideas to a panel of judges who would evaluate the creativity and potential of each proposal. By incorporating this challenge, the high school division of FBLA would offer a distinctive experience that fosters creativity, critical thinking, and real-world application of business acumen for its high school members. 

How Can the High School Division Expand Membership Outreach: To expand membership outreach for the high school division, FBLA can take the strategic approach of targeting recruitment at the middle school level. By actively engaging middle school students, the high school division can encourage them to participate in the club as they transition to high school, as well as allow for these middle schoolers to gain experience in FBLA competitive events to increase their success in their high school level endeavors. 

I am doing this in my community by starting a middle school chapter of FBLA, something that does not currently exist in our school district. This fall, I will introduce these middle school students to the various competitive events and activities offered by FBLA, and coach them to have success in their events at the regional, state, and national levels. Later this spring, I plan to host a middle school FBLA workshop to build interest in other middle schools in my district and motivate them to be a part of this transformative organization. By actively involving these students and providing them with a clear pathway to FBLA membership and success, the high school division can expand its membership outreach while fostering a sense of community and progression within the organization. 

How Can We Improve Capacity and Capabilities to Lead as a CTSO: We can improve capacity and capabilities to lead as a CTSO by enhancing communication and networking for its members through various opportunities:
● Industry Immersive Experiences : We can provide students with opportunities to meet with and interact with professionals in their prospective fields. They can attend workshops and make valuable connections that could lead to gaining knowledge of new skills and establishing opportunities to collaborate, such as internships or mentorships.
● Social Media Strategy Workshops: By offering workshops focused on branding, audience engagement, content creation, and monetization across various social media platforms, FBLA can enhance students’ abilities to lead effectively. This information will prove invaluable in today’s digital age, where social media plays a vital role in marketing and communication. 

These initiatives will undoubtedly enhance capacity and capabilities to lead by empowering FBLA’s members and increasing collaboration on a global scale. 

Secretary/Treasurer Candidates

There are no Candidates for Secretary/Treasurer

There are no candidates for Secretary/Treasurer for SLC 2024. According to the Wisconsin FBLA Bylaws (Article VIII, Section 6, Subsection F, Subsubsection 2) "In the case of no qualified candidates for the office, the officer will be chosen in order of election and highest votes. (EXAMPLE: No qualified candidates for the office of treasurer remain. The second highest scoring presidential candidate, qualifying for the office of treasurer, then becomes the state treasurer.)"

Reporter Candidates

Adalin Bogenschneider - Wisconsin Lutheran

Three Goals You Would Like to Accomplish: I would like to increase FBLA chapter membership around the state of Wisconsin so that all areas and regions feel equally represented at the regional and state level. It's very important to have input from the countryside and the city. Growing chapters in sparse areas will be helpful for providing FBLA with a new angle on important objectives. Diversifying our community is so important to achieve a goal together. Together We Achieve! 

I also think it would be amazing for the officer team to connect more with FBLA alumni and try to get those successful FBLA alumni to speak at conferences and at local high schools. It is very important for high school students to see what their current work in FBLA can lead to in the future. This would also allow FBLA alumni to still receive support from this organization as they are now pursuing their career and future education.

Another goal I would like to see the officer team accomplish would be a Wisconsin specific platform for chapters to contribute to. It can be difficult for new or reactivated chapters to get going, so having a way that high schools can share what has worked for them would be super helpful. Whether that is by means of a website, or a local forum where advisers could share all their tips and tricks for FBLA related activities. I think also increasing emails from the state office to members can be really important in getting members to stay involved and know what is going on in FBLA.

How Can the High School Division Offer a Differentiated Experience: The high school division can offer a differentiated experience in many ways. For one, in high school you still have time to think about your career but also have to start making huge decisions. FBLA allows for high school students to see if business and leadership is for them. At the middle school level, kids might not know at all what they want to do yet. And at the college level, kids have already made decisions about what they want to do and have less flexibility. Being in FBLA in high school allows for students to have an advantage over their peers in developing their skills. High schoolers also aren’t quite kids anymore, but they aren’t adults yet. So, they have a mature, creative perspective to give to FBLA.

How Can the High School Division Expand Membership Outreach: I think a way that FBLA can really expand membership outreach is by giving a personal one-on-one connection with high schools. Whether that is sending a regional vice president to talk with the business department and leaders at a school or just promoting more towards potential new chapters. I know sometimes some areas might have more chapters than others. This results in some chapters not receiving that much attention and support from others. If FBLA is able to recruit more high schools to make the regions more even, I think this will really be beneficial for those wanting to make connections within their region.

How Can We Improve Capacity and Capabilities to Lead as a CTSO: I think FBLA could improve capacity and capabilities as a CTSO by really spreading across new regions, states, and cities. If FBLA has access to big cities and small rural areas, it would be able to have access to all different types of high schools and businesses. FBLA is a national organization but there is still low representation in some regions. FBLA has made major changes in hearing more from students and I think continuing to do that will be really beneficial for FBLA as a whole. There are so many people within FBLA, and supporting all those people and fostering their skills will really come to FBLA’s advantage. Increasing the alumni network would also help in collaborating with other organizations, businesses, and schools.


State Parliamentarian Candidate Selection

The State Parliamentarian is the underclassperson scoring the highest on the parliamentary procedure written objective test at state competition and who has completed the state officer application, declaration, and candidate worksheet in accordance with deadlines.

2024-2025 Parliamentarian Candidates:

Nicholas Socha - Germantown